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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK - The Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter game puts you in the shoes of the hero. The game takes players on a trip where they must eliminate all of the targets & restore peace.
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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK – The Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter game puts you in the shoes of the hero. The game takes players on a trip where they must eliminate all of the targets & restore peace. The game allows you to put your talents and abilities to the test in demanding gaming situations. The game transforms you into the planet’s final chance. When it came to fighting. Either shoot or get shot at.

Aliens have encircled the Earth. The struggle has begun. Everything has been damaged or broken down. You’ve got the final space shuttle. You are the planet’s final chance. The goal is to eliminate the hostile aliens & restore peace to the planet. The game immerses you in the action, adventure, and excitement of being on the battlefield. The game puts you in the boots of a savior, allowing you to go one-on-one with these aliens and prove that you have the greatest chance of survival.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shot is a OneSoft Global arcade game that has over a billion downloads in Google Play alone. This game has achieved great popularity in the arcade game category, and it has the potential to become the finest game in the arcade genre. You play as the commander of a lone spacecraft intended to safeguard the Earth in this game.

Game Overview

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Apk is an amazing fighter-style game that was developed and published by onesoft. This game is fun to play. The iconic video game Chicken Invaders, which was a part of many people’s formative years, served as the inspiration for this game, which features numerous enhancements in terms of both quality and gameplay. Context of a fantastical future Earth in which mankind has mastered technology and contributed significant advances to the exploration of the cosmos.

After it was found that extraterrestrial beings were plotting an invasion of Earth, the government, realizing the grave threat that this posed, dispatched you to command a fighter plane and send it into space to eliminate the alien invaders. When awful things happen, they stop more horrible things from taking place on Earth. The game is currently being developed on two different platforms, namely iOS and Android. This allows players to easily access and download the game using a variety of different payment methods.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD 1

The quantity of soldiers possessed by the adversary is staggering, making up a significant portion of the total force. The players will take control of the warriors and determine how to battle their opponents. Get good at the game and you’ll make it hard for anybody to survive. You need to start with the many game types, and you need to end very well. The specifics of each obstacle will become apparent as you go through the screen. You won’t have any ability to anticipate what will go place after this. The surprise element as well as the enjoyment that it delivers are both brought to the table by the game. A significant amount of new content will be included in the next update for Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. The more advanced level you attain, the more significant elements you will be able to access as you go through the game. Playing the mode where you compete against other players in order to demonstrate your skills and go on in the fight is another option.

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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Features

Stop the Terrible Scheme

You will utilize your versatile control methods to maneuver & snipe the enemy as a vast number of spacecraft arrive in the sky. To operate their battleship and avoid hostile ships & their return fire, players merely need to swipe the color of their gadget. Identify and destroy bombardment targets to prevent them from reaching you. Engage in warfare to put an end to the evil guys’ schemes.

You will proceed with caution since the alien spacecraft are always looking for ways to clash or dump bombs on you. Players must avoid explosives while destroying foes. You may also take your spacecraft to a region with upgradeable goods or enticing weaponry. Although the game is simple, it is not easy to win. To avoid getting killed unfairly, you must devise clever strategies and efficiently evade gunfire and hostile spacecraft.

Confront More Spacecraft

After each level, the player must confront more spacecraft, and your adversaries get stronger and more deadly. As the number of alien spacecraft increases, players must be cautious in their maneuvers. In this space warfare scenario, surprising adversaries and riches will constantly arise when you eliminate the adversary.

These gifts provide the player with skills like increased barrel count, defensive shields, and healing. That is why you must kill a large number of nasty men in order to get important things. Bosses will come to the conclusion of the stages; they are the most frightening opponents with fighting strength and the capacity to survive longer. To dodge the boss sniping, you must employ a variety of talents, since many individuals have perished as a result of it.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD 2

Various tasks and several prizes for the winner

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter provides players with a plethora of tasks to complete. There are around 160 levels with a variety of fascinating and furious gameplay. The last boss, which players must defeat in order to access new fighting arenas, is the most hazardous. Although beating the monster at the conclusion of the stage is challenging and demanding, the goodies you will acquire are also plentiful.

In addition to facing the ultimate monster, the game includes a variety of different tasks to keep players engaged. To pass the stages, you must demonstrate your expert dodging abilities. In comet rain challenges, dodge and aim your firearms against adversaries to fast kill them. When a mission is done, participants will get prizes such as gold coins and battle equipment such as firearms, cannons, and armor.

New Spaceship Fight Collection

You are not merely pages. Equip yourself with good fighting abilities in order to enhance the weapons of your spacecraft and destroy the bad guys quicker. Your weapon will instantly knock down your argument with each upgrade. Weapons will need money to upgrade; utilize the money you earn to boost the damage of the weapons. Furthermore, the most recent and sophisticated spacecraft may be upgraded. Each kind of spacecraft will have its own combat style; purchase a large number of new ships to create the conflict more intense. However, if you wish to quit battling, you must be cautious not to collide with hostile spacecraft or get struck by their bullets. Galaxy Attack Alien Shot also includes online combat modes such as 1 versus 1 and 1 vs 3. You will be capable of competing with numerous other players from across the globe to get a high ranking in ranking.


As previously said, the gameplay is identical to the classic game Chicken Invaders. That is, you merely need to tap on the screen to move & kill the adversary with the spacecraft’s weapons. Don’t forget to acquire upgrading items and switch out your weaponry. In terms of playability, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter isn’t too sophisticated or tough to operate. All you have to do is provide a decent plan, and an effective technique to prevent dying several times.

However, effortless control does not imply easy victory. Your adversaries are foreigners. They are incredibly powerful, aggressive, and becoming more populous. Furthermore, even with sophisticated technology, space is hazardous and impossible to handle with humans. As a result, in addition to battling smartly and bravely, you should also gather the goodies that fall from the opponent while fighting. It greatly aids you in improving your firepower or provides you with perks such as heal and protection.

Unlock New Spaceships

When you improve your weapons, you may do more damage in battle in addition to increasing your firepower. Each weapon may be upgraded to a certain amount of fighting effectiveness. Furthermore, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter equips you with newer and more advanced ships. Each has a unique combat style and may be modified to increase power. However, you must spend a lot of cash to improve and unlock them. It is important to note that no matter how powerful your spacecraft is, it might be damaged if it comes into contact with adversaries. Getting too many rounds from the enemy might potentially cause the ship to “evaporate.”

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting provides you with a variety of tasks. There are about 160 levels with several tough fights. In addition, in order to complete each level, you must defeat the monster. These are massive spaceships armed with incredibly lethal armaments. However, it’s the boss bouts that are the focus & draw the gamers in. In addition to competing against adversaries, the game includes various stages where you may demonstrate your dodging abilities. Comet downpour, where you must pilot your spacecraft expertly if you wish to live. There are several thrilling and incredibly difficult tasks. After completing each assignment, you will get several money and upgrade goods such as laser weapons or cannons, among other things.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooting MOD 3


Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter has visuals with incredibly high-quality pictures that are suitable for both mobile phones and tablets. Super classic space fights will be recreated using the most realistic & colorful manner possible. Furthermore, the battleships are quite impressive, as are the futuristic armaments. The sound makes the bouts more appealing than ever.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money


We have covered every detail of the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK. Also, we are providing you with the app’s mod version. With this mod, you will have access to all of the app’s premium features for free. Get all of your gear unlocked and enjoy an amazing experience. If you require any additional help from us, face any difficulties during the installation process, or have any important questions, please provide us with detailed feedback.

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