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Day R Survival MOD APK  - After a nuclear war, Day R Premium transports you to a world of horrors. You are fortunate to be alive, but millions of others are not. Zombies, corpses, and other undead are now at your feet.
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Day R Survival MOD APK  – After a nuclear war, Day R Premium transports you to a world of horrors. You are fortunate to be alive, but millions of others are not. Zombies, corpses, and other undead are now at your feet. Unfortunately, your enemies now include monsters in addition to hunger. Because they exploited the gaps in space and time by attacking here. The four tanks in front of you are dangerous foes. Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – a fairly popular game in which the plot unfolds at the time when the nuclear war began, the Soviet Union did not survive and fell, and dozens of nuclear bombs struck all life on its way.

In a place with radiation, there are mutants and deadly diseases, but mutants who lead their hunt are not as dangerous as people who form gangs and kill everything in their path. Play as survivors and try to survive in this dangerous environment; the game is very tight, so be cautious. The events in Day R Premium are similar to those in the Day R Survival game. You were in Russia in 1985, right when nuclear war broke out. At the time, Russia had been hit by dozens of atomic bombs. Many people were infected with radiation and turned into mutants, the most terrifying zombie type I’ve ever seen in a mobile game.

You are one of the fortunate survivors. However, life can be more difficult and harsh than death at times. To survive after all of this, you must wander everywhere in search of food and water, as well as items to make weapons for self-defense, while constantly fighting a slew of monsters and terrible mutant people out there.

Game Overview

The game is set in a fictional future in which the world has been destroyed by nuclear wars that appear out of nowhere. Imagine waking up one day to find that everything around you has been destroyed. You have no recollections of it other than a few hazy impressions. Your only thought right now is to find your wife and children. You must travel the wastelands and try to survive the hardships of the post-apocalyptic world with nothing left and an uncertain future. On the other hand, your family is still out there alone, and no one knows if they survived the incidents. With the world being torn apart, toxic radiations and deadly viruses that have been causing a lot of death are threatening lives on Earth.

While the chances of your family surviving are slim, you are determined to find them. Sustain yourself by looking for food and supplies in abandoned shelters and buildings. Find weapons so that you can defend yourself against monsters and enemies. Overcome deadly diseases, alleviate hunger, and so on. Spend time exploring the buildings and facilities for materials, and use your handy crafting skills to create useful materials. Make yourself various items ranging from weapons to equipment to vehicles. During this time, you’ll realize that your high school knowledge of physics, chemistry, and math will come in handy.

Day R Survival MOD 1

Prepare to embark on a journey through the vast lands of the devastated USSR. Find out what caused the accidents and what happened to your memories. Your mission is to not only survive and fight but also to discover what caused this disaster (by yourself or with teammates when playing online). Furthermore, you must gather the survivors and lead them all on the journey to restore Russia’s state. But first, you must assist yourself in locating your memories in order to understand what occurred during your journey across Russia.

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Hardcore survival experiences with in-depth gameplay

For the first time, Android gamers will be able to participate in this amazing hardcore survival game. Introduce yourself to a vast and dangerous world. Spend your time gathering and discovering everything you need to survive and equip yourself.  You’re surrounded by a slew of difficulties. From the cold and hunger of post-apocalyptic Russia to the dangerous infected zombies that follow you around. Not to mention the deadly radiations that are still present and can harm your body severely. This game is not for the faint of heart, as you will rarely have time to slow down.

Take advantage of the realistic and interactive environments

The creators at tltGames have transformed this game from a simple survival game to an extremely interesting survival game by including massive environments and many interactive elements. Having said that, players may be exposed to a variety of factors such as changing seasons, massive maps with hidden secrets, detailed environments, and more. With over 2700 towns and cities to explore, you’ll have many opportunities to learn about the vast Russian Empire. And be cautious of the animals around you; in such a dangerous world, even a small rat can cause you harm.

Day R Survival MOD 2

With the crafting features, there are endless possibilities

And in such a crazy world, it’s natural for you to know a little bit about crafting. That being said, in Day R Premium, players will be able to use their creativity to create awesome things. Players can create awesome items that will aid them in this war-torn world by combining various materials found in various locations. Having said that, you can explore the infinite possibilities in Day R Premium and create a variety of crafts. Collect hundreds of fantastic crafting recipes, level up your skills to gain access to more crafting options, and so on.

Set out on an exciting adventure through the open world

Players will enter the dark world by traveling through many different lands in the massive Russian. Meet many strangers and become involved in their stories, embark on many exciting quests, and assist your allies. Who knows, you might need their assistance in the future if you make friends with them. Follow the enthralling stories as you gradually uncover the secrets of your fragmented memories.

Develop your character and your abilities

Furthermore, the game requires players to be extremely capable, not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of how they apply it. So, if you want to advance further in this game, you must level up your skills through practice. In addition, you’ll need to learn all of the necessary skills for survival in the wilderness. Learn to be a mechanic so you can build awesome structures or even a vehicle to quickly transport you to different locations. Learn to be a blacksmith and create powerful weapons and tools to aid you in your survival journey. Finally, you could put the physics and chemistry skills to use that you’ve acquired throughout your high school career.

Take advantage of the exciting online gameplay

Gamers are also introduced to the exciting and addictive online gameplay to make the game even more exciting. Having said that, you can play the exciting cooperative mode with your friends. Join forces to combat the dangerous zombies and monsters that are threatening you. To back you up, Day R Premium includes online chat, which allows gamers to communicate with one another during combat. Furthermore, you can exchange your items so that you can both get the most out of what you have. In Day R Premium, you can explore the massive multiplayer survival game. If you prefer, you could compete in exciting survival matches against other online gamers. Put yourself up against the world’s best survival experts.

With our mods, you can enjoy free and unlocked gameplay

And for those who want complete control over the game, our Day R Premium MOD APK will definitely satisfy you. Get the game for free by downloading and installing it on your devices. Furthermore, you can enjoy free and unlocked gameplay with our mods. You can buy whatever you want without having to pay anything. Accelerate your gameplay and spend more time enjoying the stories.


Because of the well-designed environments and characters, Day R Premium players will be immersed in a dark, burning, and intoxicating world from the start. Furthermore, the high-resolution images enhance your experiences. Furthermore, thanks to the optimized graphics, the game run relatively smoothly. As a result, you can explore the vast open world without being bothered by lags or stutters. However, due to a large number of online gamers, if you’re using a low-end device, the game may lag when you go online.


Players in Day R Premium will find themselves truly immersed in the lost world of post-apocalyptic Russia thanks to powerful and impactful soundtracks throughout their adventure. Put on your headphones and explore the open-world map’s depth and breadth. Pay attention to every little detail of what’s going on around you.

Day R Survival MOD 3

Interesting gameplay

Day R Premium has the same gameplay as other games in the genre. In this game, players will take on the role of a character and begin their survival life. You will be given supplies such as matches, firewood, and torches. You won’t have to think too hard about it for the most part. Day R Premium assigns numerous tasks to players at all levels. You will unlock more advanced equipment by completing the assigned readings. Because Day R Premium is set in the aftermath of a nuclear war, players are frequently required to find items. So you can only survive by searching for items left over from the battle.

The appearance of the character

Day R Premium’s characters are detailed and sophisticated. When you arrive in this game, you will be given only the most basic necessities, so you must seek out additional equipment to ensure your survival. Look for weapons to combat wild animal attacks in particular. In addition, you should prepare for cold weather by dressing appropriately. And look for the materials you’ll need to upgrade your outfit.

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Many Items
  • 100 Level


We have covered every detail of the Day R Survival MOD APK. Also, we are providing you with the app’s mod version. With this mod, you will have access to all of the app’s premium features for free. Get all of your gear unlocked and enjoy an amazing experience. If you require any additional help from us, face any difficulties during the installation process, or have any important questions, please provide us with detailed feedback.

What's new

The long-awaited release of Day R Survival for PC!

Now you can survive in a unique post-apocalyptic world, fighting mutants, hunger and radiation, not only from a mobile device, but also from a PC too!

Download Day R Survival PC and survive in a format convenient for you!

✔️Mouse and keyboard control
✔️Synchronization of progress between mobile and PC devices
✔️Online/offline mode

Don't forget to leave your comment! See you in the vastness of the wasteland in the world of Day R Survival!

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